Easy Payment

Using the SPECIAL TERMS makes things much different than having a SINGLE payment of $2,994. The terms requires that it be done in 2 parts. Due to limitations on PayPal. the Semester Student Fee and the Tuition will be paid in 2 parts.

The 1st part pays $400 of the the Semester Student Fee
(you only pay this ONCE and only ONCE for the 4 year degree program).

The 2nd part MUST be completed to be enrolled.

The 2nd part pays the other $97 of the Semester Student fee and sets up the Qopolis Tuition payments. The Tuition fee is a $97 monthly payment that starts next month.

Paypal is limited in how it works so unless you want to pay the entire Semester Student Fee and Tuition at one time, this is how Paypal must be used..

One Time Full Payment

One TIme Payment of:
$497 Semester Student Fee and $2,497 Tuition =
Total SINGLE, ONE TIME payment of:
$2,994 - SAVING 15% - $413.