Qopolis University Business School 

COVID-19 Financial Aid Program

Most students (families) go into debt, getting loans to pay for their higher education needs at a university. Many get a loan against their home equity or get personal loans from financial institutions and banks.  Now, student loan debt is larger than credit card debt in America, over USD $1.4 Trillion! With COVID-19, the need is greater than ever before.

In America, two (2) very rich Billionaires, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are paying it forward. They promise to give 90% of their money to others to help those who have a good purpose and need the financial support of a Billionaire. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have many Billionaire friends. 80+ other Billionaires have promised to give at least 50% of their money to others to help others.  Many rich people are following that idea. They are giving money to others to help spread success in the world.

Here is our CEO, Jimmy Higgins, taking a break from playing soccer with Chinese Billionaire, Hwang Ming, near Shanghai, China. Mr. Ming is focused on Solar Energy to stop Global Warming just as Mr. Higgins is focused on teaching business students to create Green companies to help stop Global Warming.

The founders of the COVID-19 Financial Aid Program realize the huge problem for families making less than $150,000/yr., which student debt causes. The founders created a new program that helps families avoid crushing financial debt, while getting the highest quality business education possible.  The idea is simple. Successful business people will pay their good fortune forward to help future successful business people.

People who have been fortunate and successful in business, provide support for others to do the same and become successful. Those future successful people will one day, “Pay It Forward” to help others become successful.

Currently, there are COVID-19 Financial Aid Program is for our brand new, 100% Cloud-based, 4-year Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) degree program. Classes will be accessed exclusively online and by computers, tablets, and “Smartphones,” for only $97/mo. Corporate ads will help cover all the other costs to the university that are not covered by student tuition.

The COVID-19 Financial Aid Program is looking to provide up to 95% in Aid for qualified students, of the total $60,000 tuition. Students who can pay a single amount of $2,994 will save about $1,000 over those who must use the 6-month or 36-month payment options.

The founders of Qopolis University think students should invest a small amount in their future to become successful and the COVID-19 Financial Aid will make sure they get the best value for their time and money, which is good business.

Will Qopolis Guarantee Satisfaction?

Will any university guarantee the students’ satisfaction or they get their tuition refunded? Of course, NO TRADITIONAL university would ever give a student that type of guarantee. Qopolis is NOT Traditional. In our business school, we teach students that they MUST stand behind their product or service with a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or a warranty. Every business school does that. But Qopolis is the ONLY business school or university that will give their students a 100%, Tuition Refund Guarantee!

If any student, after completing their first semester and final exams (even if they fail their finals or ace them) for ANY REASON, decides that they do not want to continue at Qopolis, they will get a 100% refund on their tuition. Just that is crazy according to the US Department of Education staff. No university does that. But we aren’t done yet.

Qopolis guarantees that NO student will graduate with student loan debt used to pay for tuition costs. If there is any debt left not paid when the student completes all classes and finals, then Qopolis will pay off that balance for the student. However, tuition is so small due to the corporate ads business model, we can easily guarantee NO student debt at graduation. Two to guarantees are not all. One more guarantee.

We give all our students 100 days AFTER they graduate, to decide if THEY believe the education was worth it or not. If FOR ANY REASON, within 100 days after graduating, the student decides they want a refund on their tuition, they will get a full, 100% Tuition Refund!

The US Department of Education thinks this is the craziest of all our guarantees. But if you think about any other business where you say by a TV from Best Buy or Target, you get 30 – 60 days to return it for a refund, with maybe a restocking fee. We wanted to have the VERY BEST GOLD STANDARD, satisfaction guarantee in the world to set the bar high for everyone else. SO we give 100 days and 100% tuition refund and challenge EVERY university to do the same thing, but they won’t. We are going to be the “disruptor” in our industry, just like Apple is in theirs.

Who Qualifies for the COVID-19 Financial Aid?

COVId-19 Financial Aid packages are available only to students in a family, which makes less than USD $150,000 / year, income.  Families that make $150,000 or more, can attend the university, but they cannot have COVID-19 Financial Aid packages. 

Funds are not unlimited.
Enroll now. First come first served.

– How Many Students Can Get COVID-19 Financial Aid?

The number of students is limited to a family making less than $150,000/yr. as long as funds are available, but they are not unlimited. All American students are eligible. First come first served. We also will accept students in other countries as everything is 100% Cloud-based and accessible by Smartphone anywhere on Earth. More Information is HERE.

Funding New Businesses

Any graduating student of the university is encouraged to submit a business plan to the Qopolis University Venture Capital Incubator (VCI). The founders of Qopolis University are looking for new business ideas in which to invest and grow the endowment fund.  Most new businesses are started by people with passion and little business education.  Through Qopolis, the founders know graduating students have the best education in business. Those graduate students will be the best to grow a new business. The founders know investing with a graduate student is good business. They will succeed with the continued guidance and support of Qopolis, mentors, staff, executives, and other graduate students.  Then, it is hoped, those successful new business owners will want to Pay It Forward, and contribute to the Financial Aid program to help others in need to get high-quality business education degrees.

To find out more about the new Bachelors of Business Development degree, CLICK HERE.