Qopolis University Business School 

"Pay It Forward" (PIF)

Financial Aid Program

Most students (families) go into debt, getting loans to pay for their higher education needs at a university. Many get a loan against their home equity or get personal loans from financial institutions and banks.  Now, student loan debt is larger than credit card debt in America, over USD $1 Trillion!

In English, there is a phrase, “Pay It Forward” (PIF). The phrase means, to help others, because you had help. If you are successful, you help others become successful also.  Then, the people you helped be successful, DO NOT help you in return. Instead, they help others become successful. The main idea is to spread success to others that need help, not give back to those who helped you, because they are already successful and do not need the help.

Many languages have a phrase for this, but in English, it is “Pay It Forward.” The word for word, translation in other languages, like Spanish or Korean, does not mean the same, but the philosophy is understandable.

In America, two (2) very rich Billionaires, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are paying it forward. They promise to give 90% of their money to others to help those who have good purpose and need the financial support of a Billionaire. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have many Billionaire friends. 80+ other Billionaires have promised to give at least 50% of their money to others to help others.  Many rich people are following that idea. They are giving money to others to help spread success in the world.

The founders of the “Pay It Forward” (PIF) Financial Aid Program realize the huge problem for families, which student debt causes. The founders created a new scholarship program that helps families avoid crushing financial debt, while getting the highest quality business education possible.  The idea is simple. Successful business people will pay their good fortune forward to help future successful business people.

There is a movie, made in 2000, starring, Kevin SpaceyHaley Joel Osment and Helen Hunt, called, “Pay It Forward.”  The idea of Pay It Forward was for a person, who had been helped by someone, to find 3 people that needed help and do something for them that they could not do themselves. Instead of helping the person who had helped them initially, they would instead, “Pay It Forward” and help 3 other people. They would tell each of the 3 people, to find 3 other people that needed help and Pay It Forward. The movie showed the effects of paying good fortune and support FORWARD to others, instead of helping the person who helped them first. The core of the PIF Financial Aid Program is based on the philosophy of that movie.

People who have been fortunate and successful in business, provide the support for others to do the same and become successful. Those future successful people will one day, “Pay It Forward” to help others become successful.

Currently, there are PIF Financial Aid Programs for our brand new, 100% Cloud-based, 4-year Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) degree program. Classes will be accessed exclusively online and by computers, tablets and “Smart phones,” starting in 2016. 

The Pay It Forward (PIF) Financial Aid Program is looking to provide up to 95% in Aid for qualified students, of the total $60,000 tuition. Most students will pay only $2,994 total for the 4-year bachelors degree, and the Aid will cover all other tuition. As a business degree program, it is believed that giving 100% scholarships is counter to the idea of earning what you get and not a real world business practice.  The founders of Qopolis University think students should invest a small amount in their future to become successful and the PIF Financial Aid will take care of all other tuition costs.

Who Qualifies for the PIF Scholarships?

Limited number of PIF Financial Aid packages are available only to students in a family, which makes less than USD $150,000 / year, income.  Families that make $150,000 or more, can attend the university, but they cannot have PIF Financial Aid packages

How Many Students Can Get Scholarships?

The number of students is limited to the amount of scholarships available, depending on how much i sponsored and how many sponsors are active. Now, there are funds for over 800 American students in the United States, but, there are also other PIF Financial Aid packages for hundreds of students in other countries also due to generous sponsors from those countries. More Information is HERE

As more generous Sponsors are found, and they provide more support, more qualified students in need can be helped. Funds are obviously limited by the number of sponsors and how much each will support. None of our Sponsors are allowed to use the support for promotion and we do not provide any information about any of our sponsors, they are kept anonymous in the spirit of "Giving without expecting anything in return" not even recognition. Those qualified students who are awarded PIF Financial Aid packages will only pay a portion of their tuition for the entire 4-year degree, $2,994 if paid in a One Time plan, while the PIF Financial Aid will waive all future tuition costs for them.

If you or someone you know would like information about applying for a scholarship to qualify for part of the $94 Million available, simply request PIF Financial Aid information package at our web page, http://www.QopolisUniversity.EDUcation

If you are a successful business person and would like to “Pay It Forward” by supporting the PIF Scholarship Program, please go to http://www.Qopolis.com/sponsor.php for information.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Although there are funds for hundreds of American students, there are specific Financial Aid packages only for Latin students. Currently, the PIF program is supported to allow many hundreds of Latinos outside the USA to attend.  These PIF packages are available specifically and exclusively for Latin students who live outside the United States.  A generous supporter has provided the tuition support to the Financial Aid program with the stipulation, her support is only to be used for Latin students, living in Central America or South America or the Caribbean, who qualify, to attend the new, online, Bachelor’s of Business Development degree classes.

The support in available scholarships is to allow fortunate Latin students, who cannot travel to an American Ivy League University, like Harvard, Princeton or Yale in the United States, to attend a top level Private university for business education classes with all curriculum designed by successful business men and women, many millionaires and even billionaires.

By Paying It Forward, this generous business woman, hopes the graduating students will take their business education and build and or grow businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean that will create new jobs and increase economies of the Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Funding New Businesses

Any graduating student of the university is encouraged to submit a business plan to the Qopolis University Venture Capital Incubator (VCI). The founders of Qopolis University are looking for new business ideas in which to invest and grow the endowment fund.  Most new businesses are started by people with passion and little business education.  Through Qopolis, the founders know graduating students have the best education in business. Those graduate students will be the best to grow a new business. The founders know investing with a graduate student is good business. They will succeed with the continued guidance and support of Qopolis, mentors, staff, executives and other graduate students.  Then, it is hoped, those successful new business owners, will want to Pay It Forward, and contribute to the PIF Financial Aid program to help others in need to get high quality business education degrees.

To find out more about the new Bachelors of Business Development degree, CLICK HERE.