International Students - WELCOME!

CURRICULUM - This degree is focused on developing a business and building wealth inside the USA. However, we plan on adding specific units that are directly applicable to other countries in the future.  Until then, the curriculum teaches you how American business is started and developed inside the United States.  Many of the lessons can be applied outside the United States. However, each country has unique laws, culture, traditions, and other ares where you can take most of the lessons learned and customize them to fit and work in different countries.  Also, many of the wealth building lessons and strategies are global in scope and application.  Students can use them anywhere in the world to help them build wealth and work toward financial independence.

VISA - All classes are Internet Cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world that allows you to visit Qopolis University web site.  You do not need to have a VISA to attend classes from any country.  You are welcome to learn from our faculty everything that American students learn without traveling to the USA.

Come to the U.S.A. -  Are you interested in coming to the United States and starting a business? For any students who are considering an INVESTOR VISA (E-1 through EB5) investment, this business education will help you accelerate your success into the United States business community. The United States seeks people from any country to come and invest in a company or start a business that creates jobs. The United States has a special program that will give fast VISA access, with a special process for becoming an American citizen, for people who invest and start a business in the United States. For more information about this special program - CLICK HERE


ENGLISH - The international language of business is English. If you do not speak English well or not had an opportunity to listen to American English speakers much, this is the PERFECT university for you. Real time, class room learning can be very frustrating for non-Americans if they are not good English speakers.  However, Qopolis University was designed with NON-English speakers in mind.  Qopolis Business School is the perfect business school for you. All classes are videos. You can stop the video, rewind, go forward, record time marks, and play each video as often as you want. If you do not understand a word or sentence, stop the video and do a search for a translation.  Once you understand it. rewind the video and listen again. Your English will improve and your education in business will grow.  If you forget a lesson, you can go back and watch the video again. You cannot do that in a normal university class room. The professor will not stop and repeat them self or do the lesson again.  Qopolis University gives all students an incredible way to learn English and get an education about money and business together.

TUITION - Most universities charge foreign students double or triple the normal tuition of Americans. The cost to teach foreign students is not double or triple, but other universities charge more because they can.  The founders of Qopolis University, believe that all students, American or non-American, should pay the same price.  Tuition is the same for foreign students, there is no increase.

ACCESS - Students have access to their classes 24 hours a day, 7 days each week. There is no time to be in class requirement.  You can have a normal schedule that fits your time zone.  You access the classes when you want, not when it is convenient for a professor.

MAKING FRIENDS - Students from all over the world will be attending classes. Each student will be progressing at their own rate.  But all students will be learning about money, business and wealth creation. Students will "meet" others that have similar goals.  Foriegn students will want to meet Americans and American students want to meet foriegn students to make future business contacts around the world.  Qopolis Unversity has a unique business contact social network at There students can meet many new friends and make business contacts of other university students as well as non-university contacts.  as the social network grows, we encourage students to build teams that can ceate new international companies using your new education.