100% Money Back Guarantee

For the first time by ANY university, Public or Private, students are given a 120-day, 100%, money back guarantee on their education.

If after your first 120 days of learning at the Qopolis University Business School, the student, for ANY reason, feels they are unsatisfied or unhappy with their decision to enroll at the university, they can simply request a total refund of their tution payments. Students must request a refund within 30 calendar days after they have completed 120 days of learning.  Students do not need to have completed any courses or taken any course finals to be eligible for a 100% money back refund.  We only ask that you complete a short exit survey in order to help us improve our university to better suit the needs of our students.  Once the survey is completed, a check will be promptly mailed to the address on file for that student for a complete refund or other possible refund processes that will insure a prompt return of the student's tution paid to date. There is no processing fee or charge for mailing. Qopolis University will cover those costs to return the refunds of any unsatisfied student.  Once that is done, the student will not be allowed to enroll a second time in the university at any later date. 

Qopolis University is the first and currently ONLY university with this money back policy.  No single government sanctioned university or other private university will give parents and students this peace of mind knowing they can, basically "Test Drive" their education without any risk. Qopolis is raising the bar and making new standards for education that all other universities in the world will have to follow or be left behind.

Qopolis University will even alert students prior to the 120-day ending that they can request a refund of their tuition.  No other university, public government sanctioned or private will do this for students.  Qopolis University is a private Business School that teaches good business practices and practices what we teach.  

We know there will always be a small percentage of students that will not be happy or change their minds about learning wealth building, business development and money management no matter how great the education.  For those students, we want them to be assured they will be given 100% of their tuition paid back to them.  There will be students that are very happy and even excited about learning how to manage money and increase their wealth or develop a business, but their situation requires them to withdraw from the university.  Life happens and we cannot always participate in every opportunity.  For whatever reason, all students are eligible after 120 days of learning to a prompt refund should they request it within 30 days.  All students who wish to continue to their next semester, can forego a refund and can continue to learn in their next semester classes.