Financial Aid

Many students want to have the education, but do not have the funds for even our $7,500/ semester discounted 66% price of $2,497.  They also cannot get a credit loan from PayPal for various reasons.  However, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn if they truly want it.  For those students we have created a financial aid package to make that happen.

Student fees that cover; registration, administration, accounting, and tech support for $497. 

For the $7,500 tuition discounted to $2,497, you can now pay just $97/mo. for 36 months.  Yes, only $97 a month will eventually pay your total tuition.

 is a One-Time administration fee of $97 to setup the payment program for 36 months for you. That means with the Student Fee + The Administration Fee = $597 to start.

Once that is paid, your account will be created and you only need to pay your first payment with 35 months to follow.  This option requires more accounting that just a One Time payment of all fees. Each month, the $97 includes the extra administration and accounting work. 

All totaled with the Student Fee, Setup fee, Tuition payments with Admin + Accounting the 4-year Bachelors of Business Development will be $4,089. Click the link below to get started.