Faculty & Staff

Our faculty & staff are made up of men and women with many different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and skills. From Administration and accounting to professors and tech support. We are proud of them all. Please be courteous and polite when dealing with any of our faculty & staff.

At Qopolis University you will learn from many faculty. Most are successful business owners who love talking about money, business, investing, etc. They can “tack” your ears off for hours. Some lessons come from Billionaires who never finished college. Many lessons are from guest lecturers and honorary professors who are very successful and busy businesspeople. All lessons are focused on giving you the knowledge, skills, and real-world applications to be successful once you get your shot to make a difference.

Most of our guest lecturers, generously give of their valuable time to teach students very important lessons they have learned in the real world of business, rather than what is sometimes in outdated ebooks/pdf. Their real-world, profit-driven, experience gives students the most current and up to date lessons available.

All of the guest lecturers are truly Masters of Business.

There are over one thousand hours of lessons available, stored securely on our Amazon Servers. Some of your classes will be live webinars, but we want all students to be able to review important lessons exactly as they were given with which traditional universities you can never do.

Many lectures are recorded. That gives you the option to NOT show up at a specific time and still get the lesson when it is convenient for you. It also gives you the option of making the lecturer repeat the lesson as many times as you want or need to learn and understand the information. Try asking a professor at other universities to give the same lecture over many times. Some might or might have recordings, but most will never give students that option.