Many Ivy league professors are consultants to many very successful businesses, but they have never run a multi=million dollar company.  They have obtained their masters and PhDs in academic circles and have a great wealth of knowledge but have never built a company from zero to million in sales.  

Qopolis University faculty are not only knowledable, but they are also very experienced in building companies and being successful in the real world outside of academia. Besides PhDs, the faculty of Qopolis Unviversity Business School are some of the most successful business people in the world.  In our faculty we have multi-millionaires and there is even a billionaire from whom our students learn. Our faculty started and/or grew successful businesses as CEO or President of a real world corporation.  Qopolis wanted not only the understandings of the best PhDs for our students, we also want the best and most successful business people to teach as well.

Roger Anthony

Cornell Arterbury

John Assaraf

Dave Austin

Dave Austin

Dawn Bain

Hugh Ballou

Hugh Ballou

Hugh Ballou

Bill Bartman

Andi Bednar

Cher Bertrand

Ed Bogle

Rand Brenner

Jim Britt

Rhonda Britten

Les Brown

Jim Burke

Jim Burke

Brent Burningham

Roel Campos

Cris Cannon

Fran Cannon

Linda Chandler

Liana Chaouli

Bob Circosta

Bob Circosta

Bonus Class

Chris Collins

Dave Corbin

David Corbin

DC Cordova

Daynin Dashefsky

DaRayl Davis

Nina Davis

Nina Davis

Collin Daymude

Scott Degraffenreid

Scott Degraffenreid

Karla Dennis

Berny Dohrman

Michael Drew

Dave Duerson

Eldonna Fernandez

Susie Fields Carder

Gerry Foster

JT Foxx

Burke Franklin

Rick Frishman

Richard Gearheart

Bill Gladestone

Michael Griego

David Gruder,

Garrett Gunderson

Michelle Hallsten

Mark Victor Hansen

Kevin Harrington

Brett Harward

Sherita Herring

Dave Hiatt

Cheryl Hills

Eve Hogan

Charles Hollander

Michael Horten

Andrew Howell

Paul Hoyt

Paul Hoyt

Shellie Hunt

Thomas Jandt

Dominique Johnson

Robert Johnson

Dawn Jones

Mark Jones

Thomas Jurgensen

Richard Kaye

Lisa Kelley

Leslie Knight

Brian Kunzler

Harry Lay

Sharon Lechter

Stewart Levine

Howard Lim

Kimber Lim

Howard Lim

Eric Lofholm

Dave Logan

Jill Lublin

Jeff Magee

Alex Mandossian

Adam Markel

Rosemary McDowell

Morley Mendelson

Ed Mercer

Steven Meyers

Kane Minkus

Vincent Molina

Vincent Molina

Mary Morrissey

Bruce Needham

Jim Neimeyer

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols

Le Pemin

Michelle Price

Bob Proctor

Suzy Prudden

Larry Ransom

Greg Reid

Greg Reid

Rob Riopel

Wendy Robbins

Joel Roberts

Kevin Ross

Michelle Rowe Hallsten

Donna Rublemann

Chris Salter

Chris Salter

Nicole Sherman

Mark Siebert

Paul Simpson

Jeff Slayter

Loren Slocum

Shore Slocum

Shore Slocum

Patrick Smyth

Lauren Solomon

Maria Speth

Maria Speth

Barry Spilchuk

David Stanley

David Stanley

Jerry Teplitz

Donald Tucker

David Tyreman

David Tyreman

Val Vanderwall

Charles Vollmer

Chuck Vollmer

David Wallace

Bill Walsh

Jim Ward

Jacqueline Warner

Jackie Warner

Jason Webb

Dennis Wong

Greg Writer

Aaron Young

Nicholas Zaldastani

Nicholas Zaldastani

Ron Zeller