Qopolis LLC, Pay It Forward
& Venture Capital Incubator

Many people have been very fortunate in their lives.  Many others have not. For those people who feel a moral imperative to help change the lives of those who are highly motivated and seeking to build a career in business, they can help by contributing to the Pay It Forward (PIF) program to help students with costs or our Venture Capital Incubator (VCI) program to fund student’s business development startups.

How our mission started

Larry Zimmerman is the Chairman of the Board of Qopolis LLC.  His parents helped build a single fabric store in Ohio into a national chain that made over $2 Billion in 2010. When Mr. Zimmerman’s parents passed away, he decided to use his wealth to support programs that would help solve problems in our society.  One perennial problem is the lack of jobs, even during good times. 

Mr. Zimmerman knows that his parents helped create a lot of jobs, that started with a single small business. Small businesses are responsible for creating over 65% of all jobs in the United States and other parts of the world. However, 88% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years. They fail mainly, because the owners of small businesses, do not have a good business education, but most claim it is a lack of funds. Yes, money can cover up business mistakes or mismanagement due to a lack of education, but it is not good business.

Most small businesses are started by entrepreneurs who have a passion and willing to take a risk. Most business owners did not go to a good business school because they are very expensive. The Average cost to complete one of the top 50 business schools is approximately $100,000. Most small business owners would rather have that in their business.

Mr. Zimmerman decided to change that and partnered with 2 key individuals, Jimmy Higgins and GyuSang Chang. They created Qopolis to develop the best business education possible for those who needed it to help create new jobs that last and businesses that will grow instead of fail, while focusing on the greenest applications as possible to help stop Global Warming.

There were two problems to solve:
1) Accessibility
2) Affordability

The first problems are solved by developing a new online business university, Qopolis University, with the curriculum designed with the help of paid consultants like Harvard Business School professor like Paul Gompers that will not have a campus and be the Greenest university on Earth.

The second problem is solved by creating a program for those who cannot afford to pay the tuition easily without going into debt. That program needs funding to cover costs for eligible students who have the desire, but not the funds to easily pay for the tuition.  The founders created the “Corporate ADS” Program that will cover between 50% – 95% of all tuition costs for students of the new business university for students (families) making $0 – $149,999 a year in income.

NOTE: Families making $150,000 or more are NOT eligible for the Corporate ADS Program because they have the funds to pay the normal tuition.

Qopolis University will focus on teaching students the best and latest business practices in the new Internet and global business environment using an all-digital curriculum and “books” that can be updated immediately as the business environment changes.  This is unlike universities that rely on printed books or rigid, outdated, teaching requirements, or antiquated technology models while holding classes on a sprawling campus that produces a huge carbon footprint. 

Qopolis University does not have any ‘legacy costs’ that drive tuition out of reach of many families such as, property taxes, utilities, buildings, stadiums, libraries, trash removal, parking lots, etc.  The main costs that tuition at Qopolis University must cover are the professors, staff, operational overhead, servers, cybersecurity, administration, and accounting.

Qopolis paid Harvard Business School professors to consult on the curriculum. The total, 4-year, tuition for students in families making $150,000 or more, will be $60,000.  They will not qualify for PIF scholarships But they will still get the 3 Students Satisfaction Guarantees.

Students from families making $0 – $149,000 a year will pay $2,994 for the entire 4-year program in a single payment that reduces accounting and administration labor.

We ask that all support be done anonymously, without public credit or public acknowledgment. We respect your privacy and will keep all information confidential for anyone who supports the students or university financially. We are not a public company and will not disclose your information. However, we may accept donations from those people, who require their names to be used/identified in some way if necessary, but not likely.

We do not want this program used for political or marketing purposes for individuals, as the spirit of the program is to help without return, Pay It Forward. We do not want support by those looking to gain acclaim or congratulations or have their name on some portion of the university, as many times happens at other universities who, then become indebted to those contributors.

We are looking for those successful and/or fortunate individuals who want to make a difference without expecting anything more than our thanks for the support in the spirit/ethos of Pay It Forward philosophy. However, any support can be designated to help only a specific group of students that meets certain criteria as designated by the person supporting the program for them.

If you have been fortunate with financial success and would like to support the PIF or VCI programs, please contact Qopolis LLC at with your contact information.  We would certainly like to speak with anyone who is able to support these programs and Pay It Forward