Qopolis University Business School Academics

In most high schools and universities, most students think,

"Will I ever really use any of this?"  or   "Why am I learning this?"   or    "When will I ever need this?"

About 98% of the time, you never will use any of it and you never need any of it, EVER, in your life. Students know the information is USELESS in the real world.  Students will NEVER think that about any Qopolis University classes. Our classes are designed so students never have those thoughts. All QU classes are practical, relevant and actionable. Qopolis University does not believe in adding "fluff" to classes.  The really BIZARRE part about students paying for useless college classes, is that ALL the information in ANY college degree program is FREE information in a Library! Most universities need to stretch out their curriculum to reach 120 credit hours so they charge students for useless, FREE, Public Domain information anyone can find for FREE online or FREE in a Library.  All universities EXCEPT QU, even require students to take classes, which have nothing to do with their degree focus.  That not only wastes your time, (which is money in the business world), it wastes your real money as well.  That is not good business and Qopolis will not do that.  We are the "IPhone" of universities. We are the disruptive technology that will set the standard for higher education.

At Qopolis University Business School, classes are developed by real world, successful business men and women. They are good business people and will not waste your time or money. They focus on giving you the "meat and potatoes" and don't save anything for a graduate program.  You get the good stuff from beginning to end. Below you can see the first year studies.

First Year Curriculum (30 Credit Hours)

1st Semester - 15 Credit Hours - Focus - Knowledge, Habits & Thinking

Orientation Class
Business English & Literature - 101
Corporate Business Development - 101
Personal & Financial Health - 101
Money, Time Management & Goals - 101
Business Math - 101
Business History & Science - 101

2nd Semester - 15 Credit Hours - Focus - Knowledge, Habits & Thinking

Marketing & Advertising - 101
Business English & Literature - 102
Corporate Business Development - 102
Personal & Financial Health - 102
Money, Time Management & Goals - 102
Business History & Science - 102
Growth Investing & “Paying It Forward” - 101

The first year will teach students many aspects about personal money management. Students are given lessons and Open Source resources in order to become financially successful in life, as well as, many ways to personally make multiple income streams that everyone should know. Those tools and practices will directly translate into running and growing businesses that create jobs. There is a focused emphasis on developing the proper personal habits in money management, mental & physical health and changing the way students THINK about money & business. These personal habits will be critical when applied to developing a healthy and growing business. The approach is to give students a “proving ground” using their own lives, seen as a business, to become financially stable and growing, before moving to a situation where they are responsible for the health and well being of a small business on which others depend. The FIRST year starts students towards financial independence and self-reliance through education about Money & Business, while exposing them to the Qopolis University motto of “Paying It Forward” to help others and their communities around the world.

Second Year Curriculum (30 Credit Hours)

3rd Semester - 15 Credit Hours - Focus - Knowledge, Habits & Believing

Marketing & Advertising - 201
Business Team Building - 101
Corporate Business Development - 201
Business & Financial Health - 101
Business & Community Leadership - 101
Growth Investing & “Paying It Forward” - 201

4th Semester - 15 Credit Hours - Focus - Knowledge, Habits & Believing

Marketing & Advertising - 202
Business Team Building - 102
Corporate Business Development - 202
Business & Financial Health - 102
Business & Community Leadership - 102
Growth Investing & “Paying It Forward” - 202

The SECOND YEAR is focused on translating the knowledge learned in FIRST YEAR to the development of a team oriented mentality focused on developing a healthy, growing business. Students are expected to learn even more about becoming personally successful in money, business, life and using Open Source resources, while they learn how to apply those lessons, actions and tools to a business environment with teams. Students will be learning not only how to take care of their own financial future through properly practiced habits, they will also learn specific ways to directly apply those personal habits, skills and knowledge to starting, running, managing and growing a business. Students will continue to change how they think and act about Money & Business, as well as, begin to believe in their own new skills, knowledge, and future in the business world they have been exposed to in the courses so far.

Third Year Curriculum (30 Credit Hours)

5th Semester - 15 Credit Hours - Focus - Knowledge, Habits & Action

Marketing & Advertising 301
Business Environment - 101
Corporate Growth Development & “Paying It Forward” - 101
Business & Financial Health - 201
Corporate Money & Time Management - 101
Employee Development - 101

6th Semester - 15 Credit Hours - Focus - Knowledge, Habits & Action

Marketing & Advertising 302
Business Longevity & Sustainability - 101
Corporate Growth Development & “Paying It Forward” - 102
Business & Financial Health - 202
Corporate Money & Time Management - 102
Employee Pension Plans - 201

The THIRD YEAR gives students the tools and training to take action with their team, on what they have learned so far. They are pushed into a whole new level of ability and management skills. Through expert teaching by very successful business people, their advisors and consultants, as well as, many resources on the Internet, students learn the true ingredients needed for financial success personally and in the Internet Concentric business environment of today and the future. They will not be learning old out dated, business methods or practices of the old, past business world. The business case study learning format in this year, made famous by Harvard Business School, will show how past and current businesses succeed and why past and current businesses failed and are failing.  This 3rd Year student learns how to grow a company from a small business to a higher level operation with more sales, employees, locations and responsibilities. Students will be rolling up their sleeves and getting “dirty” in the tiny details of business analysis, metrics, financials, taxes, corporate streamlining, robotics, automation, productivity increases, Human Resources, global marketing and much more. This will enable them to write a truly comprehensive business plans for growth of companies towards creating new jobs and providing the consumer products and services to that will make their companies successful in the rapidly changing business environment of today and in the future. Students learn to avoid the old, outdated, non-smart phone era of business and embrace the technologies of a Mobile focused business world.

Fourth Year Curriculum (30 Credit Hours)

7th Semester - 15 Credit Hours - Focus - Knowledge, Habits & Cooperation

International Sales Force Development - 101
Global Growth - 101
Corporate Business Development - 201
Business Technology - 201
Global Corporate Capital Funding - 101
International Workforce - 101

8th Semester - 15 Credit Hours - Focus - Knowledge, Habits & Collaboration

Personal & Corporate Networking - 101
Mergers & Acquisitions - 101
Global Markets & Investing - 101
International Corporate Structures - 101
Personal Wealth Management & Growth - 101
Graduation Prep - 101

The FOURTH YEAR provides students with a new global perspective for business growth, development, investing and cooperation with other people, teams and companies. This is when all the skills, knowledge, Open Source resources, habits, team building and networking come together to really show students their multiple options for business and financial success. In this 4th YEAR, lifelong connections will be created and fostered that will provide the “glue” to the many parts of what they will build in their future. This year is where students will be getting the big picture that can propel them to their goals and not only ensure their success, but hopefully to one day, “Pay It Forward” so that others can also succeed as they develop businesses and create new jobs for others.


By this time, most if not all, Qopolis Students will already be working in a company somewhere in the world, developing it into a better company or they will already have written a business plan to start a new company with their team assembled and ready to hit the ground running.  Upon graduation, they will be given access to the Qopolis University Alumni Venture Capital Incubator (VCI). There they will be networked with capital resources if they need them for their own business ideas. The QU Graduates are the focus of the "Pay It Forward" motto, that will allow Qopolis University Graduates to become the Job Creating "Juggernauts" of the world.