Qopolis University Business School Academics

In most high schools and universities, most students think,

“Will I ever really use any of this?”  or   “Why am I learning this?”   or    “When will I ever need this?”

About 98% of the time, you will never use any of it and you never need any of it, EVER, in your life. Students know the information is USELESS in the real world.  Students will NEVER think that about any Qopolis University classes. Our classes are designed so students never have those thoughts. All Qopolis University classes are practical, relevant, and actionable. Qopolis University does not believe in adding “fluff” to classes.  The really BIZARRE part about students paying for useless college classes is that ALL the information in ANY college degree program is FREE information online or in a library! Most universities need to stretch out their curriculum to reach 120 credit hours so they charge students for useless, FREE, Public Domain information anyone can find for FREE online or FREE in a library.  

All universities, EXCEPT QU, require students to take classes that have NOTHING to do with their degree.  That not only wastes your time, (which is money in the business world), it wastes your real money as well.  That is not good business and Qopolis University will not do that.  

We are like the “iPhone” of universities. We are the disruptive technology that will set the standard for higher education for the future.

At Qopolis University Business School, classes are developed by real-world, successful businessmen and women. Harvard Business School professors were paid to consult on the curriculum. At Qopolis, you get the “meat and potatoes” from your first class. We don’t save anything for our graduate program.  You get the good stuff from beginning to end. 

The first year will open up students to a new world of money, business, and investing that starts with learning the fundamentals. Students are given lessons, tools, and Open Source resources with the goal to become financially successful in life after graduation. Those tools, along with practice using them, directly translates into running and growing, sustainable online and offline businesses that create jobs and multiple streams of income with an eye on where the future of business is going.

Most schools train you for the business environment of the last 25 years, rather than prepare you for what you will need for the next 25 years. Old models are dying fast. New changes for a new future that includes 5G, VR, AR, Robot workers, Smartware, A.I., online, global e-commerce, and 3D production are the future of business. Our students are way ahead of the traditional classes taught at other business schools.

Our focus is to create green-minded business people, who understand climate sustainability is critical, while they develop skills and knowledge for the 5G online world of business as old Brick & Mortar business models are replaced. We want all of our graduate students to pay this information forward to friends, family, and the businesses they run, manage and own.

Qopolis Unversity believes science has shown that global warming is the most critical challenge of our future besides pandemics. It is our objective to teach students the “Money Game” that wealthy people have played for centuries so that the income inequality that currently exists starts to narrow instead of growing.


By the time you are ready to graduate Qopolis, you should already be working in, running or owning a company somewhere in the world. It should either be your own company or one that you want to own one day. It is expected that you will meet several like-minded people at the university that may even become business partners with you.

Upon graduation, you will be given access to the Qopolis University Alumni Venture Capital Incubator (QUA-VCI). Here you will be networked with money resources for your own business ideas. The Qopolis University graduates are the focus of the “Pay It Forward” school motto, which will allow Qopolis University graduates to become the GREEN JOB creating “Juggernauts” of the future.